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Full Day of Legal Guidance through the Jungle of Business Law and Regulation Issues

San Luis Obispo - The Women’s Business Center recently announced that it will be holding a Business Conference with Matthew I. Berger, General Counsel with 32 years in the legal field, on Saturday, November 17.  The full-day conference will begin at 9:00 am.

The topics that will be discussed by Berger are: Types of Business Entities; Intellectual Property; and Internet, Website, and eCommerce Issues.  His areas of emphasis in his legal practice are Trademark, Copyright, Entertainment, and Business Law.

“These topics are vital to essentially every business today,” said David Ryal, Women’s Business Center Program Director.  “With the Internet, eBooks and the like, there is a critical need to understand intellectual property issues and how to protect oneself when presenting your business online,” he added.

During the conference, Berger will look at the choice of entity that a business can be set up as.  These choices include C or S corporation; limited liability company; partnership or sole proprietorship, among others.  He will discuss financing that includes equity, debt, and convertible debt, as well as an overview of various securities statutes, rules, and regulations.

In regards to intellectual property, Berger will look at trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.  He will cover how to register trademarks and copyrights, licensing verses assignment, royalties, and infringement, with a brief look at the “Fair Use Defense.

During the website and eCommerce part of the conference, Berger will discuss privacy policies, terms of use, collection and use of personal identifiable information and Federal Trade Commission Rules on testimonials, endorsements, and product reviews.

Early registration closes on September 15 is $299.  After September 15 the cost is $379.  Business Attorney fees normally range from $250 - $450 per hour.  The registration fee includes conference, lunch and refreshments.  Site to be determined by registration.

For more information or to register for this conference contact Mission Community Services Corporation by email: or call (805) 595-1357.  You may also obtain more information about Mr. Berger at his website:

The Women’s Business Center is a program of Mission Community Services Corporation and funded in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Main Office is located in San Luis Obispo, with outreach offices in Bakersfield (University of La Verne) and King City (Hartnell College).