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Making the American Dream a Reality

MCSC featured in the SLO City News!

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Excerpt from the article: 

"If knowledge is power, then the MCSC is a powerhouse for small business entrepreneurs. The non-profit offers consulting and learning programs to aide people in starting their business venture.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, small business that receive consulting have an 80% improved chance of being in business after 3 years than those that do not receive consulting.

In 2006, MCSC of San Luis Obispo joined the Women’s Business Center (WBC) national network to educate would be small business owners on the intricacies of starting and maintaining a business. In 2016 alone, the organization held 214 training events that had 2,834 attendees and totaled more than 7300 training hours. Through grants from the Small Business Association (SBA) and matching donations from community sponsors, MCSC has helped launch 165 businesses in the last 10 years and has brought an estimated $26.5 million to the Central Coast economy.

Their entrepreneur-training course entitled “Start, Run & Grow” is a 12-week course with three hour classes held once a week. There is also a Spanish equivalent of the course called “Empezando.” Apart from the classes and free consultations, MCSC also does monthly workshops that explore different venues to promote and fund current businesses. Scheduled for April 18, the next two-hour workshop will be about utilizing Instagram for a company’s digital presence. They also host monthly 1.5-hour sessions called Brown Bag Workshops, the upcoming one is called Freelancing Your Way to Freedom.

MSCS reports that the average of women starting business for SLO County is 1.4, just below the national average of 1.5. In the past 3 years 78% of their SLO clientele was female and 61% for Kern County."

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